This page will present soon the main offering of Indisputable Key project





> Global Offering

The solution will address business issues for both large and small companies in the value chain. Large companies controlling the full value chain will have clear improvement benefits to motivate the investment. Small companies do have the same needs to improve their part of the vale chain. Their customeres will also demand products including IAD to be able to take advantage of the benefits and to both maintain and improve their competitiveness. Large and small companies will need to cover the investment to address their own share of the value chain.

> Our Offer









- Evaluate the environmental and economical impacts of supply chain scenarios


- What to trace and track for benefits to my business


- Traceabiilty implementation


- Improve your kiln drying process thanks to treacability


- Improve your log quality prediction thanks to treacability


- improve prediction of your harvested row material


- logistics efficiency improvement from traceability


- Traceability services: gain from traceability in agility and competitivness



    ik offering





- BIO TAG, Biodegradable UHF RFID tag


- Treacability in the forest by RFID


- Traceability in the forest by ink jet based solutions


- Traceability services gain from traceability in agility and competitivness


- IK adapters


- Light traceability solution


- Poledry


- SPace





- Successful implementation of a traceability solution in your business


- prepare your company to implement the traceability


- Technics / components / how to implement the traceabilitiy


>In the future, you will be able to read about the Indisputable Key offerings by sectors